In an industrial environment, state-of-the-art vacuum chamber belt machines offer many advantages over other packaging technologies, such as high output and great flexibility for different product sizes.

When it comes to production in the small and medium output range, the question arises as to when vacuum chamber belt machines pay off, especially as the acquisition costs are higher compared to a double-chamber machine.

The following advantages can be listed. SUPERVAC’s vacuum chamber belt machines have an outstanding sealing quality due to the double-biactive sealing system; in addition, they feature rapid cycle times on account of various properties. This means that minimum opening rates and high speed increase the efficiency of the machines. In addition, vacuum chamber belt machines allow the products to be automatically conveyed from the machine after packaging and safely conveyed to downstream machines, such as a shrink tank or conveyor belt with metal detector, without necessitating additional personnel. Finally, vacuum chamber belt machines can be synchronized automatically, i.e. the machine sets the cycle and the operator follows this cycle, which in turn heightens efficiency.

These advantages demonstrate graphically that it always pays off to rely on SUPERVAC vacuum chamber belt machines, regardless of the size of your company!

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