„Aesthetically attractive packages with maximum product life are what we define as our standard.“

Application examples


Lamb Packaging in Turkey

Our customer is one of the largest producers of fresh meat in Turkey and known for providing customers with a wide range of premium-quality products, a variegated choice and an excellent value for their money.


Packaging of Fresh Fish in Germany

Our customer is an expert in fish processing and fish products. Their many years of expertise in the fish trade are an excellent prerequisite for meeting the high requirements of customers.


Fresh meat packaging in Japan

Our customer is one of the top producers of pork and beef in Japan, with a commitment to the region and local breeding. The company processes cattle and pigs bred in the lush nature of southern Japan under the application of international standards of quality monitoring and hygiene management.


Packaging cheese in the United States

Our customer is a cheese producer in Wisconsin, which was founded in 1941. The goods are sold to retailers and in the in-house shop. In this traditional cheese factory, innovative new products are also made in addition to classic products.


Packaging of pork in Canada

Our customer is a pork cutting plant in Canada. Fresh meat is supplied both to the catering industry and the retail trade. The customer products are of top quality, and a large part is also exported to Asia.


Packaging chorizo in Texas, United States

Our customer is a producer of chorizo sausage in Texas in the United States. Large quantities of the chorizo sausages are packaged in bags and sold to restaurants. In the past, the customer packaged the products in double chamber machines by another machine manufacturer.


Premium meat packaging in Argentina

One of Argentina’s most successful beef exporters wants to build out its market position even further. Its customers are players in wholesale and retail from all over the world. This target group demands a lot from our customer.


Sausage packaging in Michigan in the United States

Our customer is a producer of high-quality sausages in the state of Michigan. The customer sets high standards for quality: “We sincerely commit to maintaining our own high standards of quality ...and our standards are at the highest level.”


Regional Bacon Products Flexibly Packaged

Our customer is a family-owned business in Austria and specialist for production of regionally-based bacon, ham, raw sausage products and roast products. The company delights consumers with premium quality and great flavor. More than 60% of the products are exported.


Fully Automated Packaging of Mortadella in Italy

Our customer is a producer of high-quality mortadella in Italy. For three generations, today as in the past, mortadella has been produced there with passion, experience and skill. The brand is among the leading mortadella sausage brands in Italy. The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters.


Packaging of High-Quality Fresh Meat in Belgium

Our customer is running a second-generation family-owned business in Belgium that has specialized in high-quality beef, lamb and veal over the past 35 years. The meat is processed exactly according to the customer’s requirements and delivered by the company itself.


Packaging of Veal in Germany

Our customer is one of the top producers of veal in Germany, with a commitment to the region and local breeding. The company is confronted by the same challenge that many SMEs are also facing: space is scarce in the company’s structures that have developed over many years.


Industrial-Grade Packaging in Russia

One of the top producers of fresh meats and sausages in Russia needs to package a wide range of products. The company wants to optimize production costs and use just one packaging machine with a high output for all meat products.


Fresh meat packaging Greece

Our customer in Greece is a well-known producer of lamb and beef. The company slaughters, cuts and packs premium-quality lamb and beef products. A large proportion of the products are exported.


Packaging of fresh meat in Russia

Our customer is a large and leading-edge operation for fresh meat in the middle of Russia. In the context of a state-run program, investments were made in the food segment and the fresh meat industry in several Russian regions.


Packaging of vegetables in North America

Our customer is a specialized company that supplies restaurants with various kinds of vegetables in different forms. This means there is a wide range of sizes, shapes, weights and of course varieties of vegetables.


Salmon packaging Scotland

Our customer is the processor of high-quality fish products in Scotland. The products to be packaged are high-quality, traditional and authentic smoked salmon, produced in Scotland.


Packaging of fresh meat in Argentina

Our customer is an ambitious company near Buenos Aires in Argentina. The company produces high-quality beef for the domestic and international markets. The customer knows it’s not enough for long-term success to sell just-average beef.


Packaging of cheese logs in Germany

The customer is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality cheese products in Germany. The operation is highly automated. Due to the high proportion for export, the products must have a very shelf life.


Packaging of cheeses with holes in Austria

Our customer is a top-flight supplier of dairy products in the Austrian Alps. After the salt bath, the fresh cheese products are packaged for maturing. After maturing, the products are opened, cut into portions and are then packaged again.


Pork packaging Austria

Our customer is a state-of-the-art pork cutting plant in the heart of Austria. Alongside the cutting and selling of fresh meat products, premium sausages and cold cuts are made. All products in the fresh meat area are packaged in shrink bags.


Packaging of meat specialties in France

Our customer runs a smaller company adjacent to the French Alps. A wide range of premium-quality products are made, e.g. salami, ham and bacon products. Up to now, the customer has been using a large double chamber machine and a separate shrink tank.


Beef packaging Paraguay

Our customer of many years manages a slaughtering and cutting operation in Paraguay. On average, 900 cattle are slaughtered there every day. The operation is deemed a model company in the region and has state-of-the-art management methods in place.

„Our service partners undergo regular training and keep in close contact with our company.“

The benefits of Supervac

Double biactive sealing ensures the best seal.

Air cushion in the vacuum chamber optimizes the cycle time.

Complete cut-off and extraction of excessive bag material in integrated containers.

Ergonomic one-man operation by means of optimized belt formats or indexing belt.

Consistent results in the shrink tank while using less power.

Optimized process times and, at the same time, careful treatment of the products.

Compact solutions create space in the packaging area.

Use of stainless steel in all areas of the machines ensures long life and simple sanitization.

„Your satisfaction is our top priority.“