Overview of the applications

Fresh meat
Processed meat products
Fish and seafood
Other applications

„Aesthetically attractive packages with maximum product life are what we define as our standard.“

Application examples

„Our service partners undergo regular training and keep in close contact with our company.“

The benefits of Supervac

Double biactive sealing ensures the best seal.

Air cushion in the vacuum chamber optimizes the cycle time.

Complete cut-off and extraction of excessive bag material in integrated containers.

Ergonomic one-man operation by means of optimized belt formats or indexing belt.

Consistent results in the shrink tank while using less power.

Optimized process times and, at the same time, careful treatment of the products.

Compact solutions create space in the packaging area.

Use of stainless steel in all areas of the machines ensures long life and simple sanitization.

„Your satisfaction is our top priority.“