In the food industry, the ergonomic design of work stations is of great importance. With our vacuum packaging machines, we meet ergonomic requirements in many areas, such as ergonomically adapted working heights, easy and clearly arranged operation of the machines as well as a clocked loading belt for our belt machines. Great attention has been paid by SUPERVAC to the efficient filling of the bags. There are two options:

The Easybagger system is particularly suitable for fresh meat. There is the Easybagger for small and medium-sized belt machines and the Easybagger Plus for large packaging systems. The Easybagger system can be used for new or existing belt machines. With the Easybagger system, up to 10 different bag formats can be used simultaneously. This is particularly important when using fresh meat, since different formats are delivered to the packaging machine from the cutting department.

The BG450 system is suitable for all other products such as poultry, cheese, processed products such as ham, sausage and bacon. The standard BG450 is designed for simpler applications, and the BG450 Plus is a special filling aid for more demanding applications such as poultry and blocks of cheese. A bag format is always available here, which can be changed over time.

The Easybagger system and the BG450 system

  • improve ergonomics and hygiene in the packaging area,
  • increase productivity in manual bag filling,
  • reduce operator intervention during filling and
  • optimize the filling speed.
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