Project Description

Great customer benefits thanks to height-adjustable sealing bars for products in different formats exemplified by a ham and sausage producer in Mexico

Starting situation:

A mid-sized Mexican maker of ham and sausage products wants to package different products for wholesale customers and end customers. Up to now, it has been done on several double chamber machines from a different manufacturer.


The customer places great store on maximum sealing quality. The challenges entailed were the big differences in the product formats (small packages with sausages, large packages with sausages, half and whole ham parts, ham strips, etc.); another challenge was the high fat content of individual products, making the sealing of the bags more difficult. With the double chamber machines, reworking the bags was often necessary since there were problems with the seals.

Our solution:

A height-adjustable GK 602 was the solution. Thanks to programmable special features on this packaging machine, the customer can now set the correct sealing bar height for each product in a few seconds, thus improving product presentation and achieving an optimal sealing result.  Thanks to the double biactive sealing – standard for the GK602 – the products always arrive safely at the customer even after long transport routes. In the acceptance tests conducted by our partner in Mexico, only one out of 1000 bags had to be reprocessed – and this was not the fault of the machine but due to a placement error. This means an error rate of 0.1%. Once again, we achieved maximum customer satisfaction.