Top-notch quality and durability achieved by Supervac packaging lines in Portugal

Starting situation:

Our customer is a leading beef processing company in Portugal with its own cattle breeding. The company has set itself the goal of producing outstanding products thanks to cutting-edge technology, creativity and innovative processes. A key aspect of success are close, long-term relationships with suppliers, customers and consumers. With this recipe for success and the know-how gained over more than 30 years of experience in the field, our customer has been successful in Europe and as an exporter for many decades.


At present, our customer processes around 500 cattle per day and wants the company to continue to grow in the future. Supervac delivered two packaging lines for the new production hall. Since the customer banks on the highest possible quality for their products, an AC15 cooling tank completes each of the Supervac lines. The cooling tank not only preserves the product’s meat color but optimizes its shelf life as well.

Our solution:

The two lines supplied by Supervac consist of a GK852B belt machine, a GK862B belt machine and 2 AT15 shrink tanks, 2 AC15 cooling tanks and 2 BL15 dryers respectively.

The customer is very satisfied with his new packaging lines. The cooling tanks, in particular, enabled him to improve the durability and color of the product. The customer is of the opinion that Supervac has more than met his high quality standards!