Project Description

Industrial packaging line for delicatessen producer in Eastern Europe

Starting situation:

Our customer is an up-and-coming company in Eastern Europe. As a relatively young enterprise, it produces traditional meat, ham and sausage specialties. Starting as a small company, it has succeeded in becoming one of the top firms in the region.


Owing to the expansion of the range of products and increasing sales figures, our customer needed a high-performance belt machine with shrink tank and dryer. The belt machine had to be flexibly equipped for it to be able to package different product heights and product dimensions.

Our solution:

A rugged GK501 belt machine with a high lid (250 mm), AT8 shrink tank and BL15 dryer was ordered and commissioned by our customer. The Supervac belt machine was equipped with a straight cut-off knife and exhaust system for the trimmed film as well as a powerful pump combination. It was important to our customer that round and rolling products can be packaged as well. We made it possible with our solution that allows premium packaging of new products.