Project Description

Industrial packaging machine for a long-established company in Hungary

Starting situation:

Our client is a long-established and rapidly growing company in Hungary. The factory packages high-quality pork products. The goods are sold to trade partners or at the company’s own shops. The machinery and work processes are continuously improved and brought to state of the art.


The company has achieved good-sized growth in recent years and would like to continue to develop at a rapid pace. The available space is limited, however. This is why the company is investing in a cutting-edge packaging line that ensures visually appealing packages. Another goal to be achieved simultaneously is the optimization of packaging capacity and the shelf life of the products.

Our solution:

We agreed with the customer on a powerful GK 862 B conveyorized machine with a large AT 15 shrink tank, an AC 15 cooling tank and a BL15 dryer as the ideal solution. The Supervac conveyorized machine was equipped with a straight cut-off knife, exhaust system for the trimmed film and a powerful pump combination. With the new packaging line, the premium-quality products can now be optimally packaged and there are still performance reserves for the further development of the company.