Project Description

Mexican Pork Specialties: High-Quality Packaging with Less Staff

Starting situation:

Our customer is a major company in Mexico. High-quality pork products of all sizes are produced every day. In particular, specialties are hugely appreciated by customers.  Up till now, the customer has used 3 double chamber machines and 6 employees were needed for the packaging.


The ambitious company strives for continuous growth, which requires high performance, even though its spatial capacities are limited. The meat products must be packaged perfectly, even if they are marinated, and fat and blood can make sealing of the packaging a difficult job.  Moreover, higher speed in packaging and less staff are aimed at increasing the company’s competitiveness and profitability.

Our solution:

In a small space, the GK853B facilitates the safe packaging of large products. Combined with the AT15 shrink tank and the BL15 dryer, a high-quality result is ensured even for widely different products. The products are completely immersed in the shrink tank, and sensors ensure that the dryer matches the contour of the products. The personnel requirements have been reduced to 2 employees, and the required capacity has not only been achieved but could be significantly exceeded, at 3 cycles per minute. So the company is quite well equipped for future growth.