Project Description

Beef packaging Paraguay

Starting situation:

Our customer of many years manages a slaughtering and cutting operation in Paraguay. On average, 900 cattle are slaughtered there every day. The operation is deemed a model company in the region and has state-of-the-art management methods in place. Products of the very highest quality are packaged; 50% for the domestic market, 50% for export. All products are packaged in shrink bags.


The company has grown strongly over the last few years. The required increase in packaging capacity had to be implemented in a limited space. The products had to be perfectly packaged because a large share of them is exported, i.e. the product life had to be maximized.

Our solution:

The existing machines already in use by the customer were augmented by additional packaging machines with shrink tanks and dryers to achieve maximum packaging output in a very small space. The customer is very well satisfied with the systems from Supervac.