Project Description

Soft vacuum machine

Sealing bar length: 1000 mm
Spacing between the bars: 550 mm
Output: ● ● ● ○



GK 501 B Soft
Technical data
Sealing bar length (soft vacuum): 1000 mm
Sealing bar length (hard vacuum): 1000 mm
Spacing between the bars: 550 mm
Lid height: 180 mm
Sealing bar height: 55 mm, other heights upon request
Remaining bag separation: Cut-off perforation or separation device with rotation knife
Matching shrink tank: AT8
0 %
100 % flexibility
0 %
99.5 % airtight packaging
0 cycles
Up to 3 cycles/minute
0 mbar
Up to 1 mbar final vacuum
0 combinations
7 different pump combinations
0 %
100 % satisfaction
GK 600 / 610 Detail 01
Supervac Käse


  • Rugged stainless steel construction for maximum durability
  • Double biactive sealing bars for firm and reliable seals
  • Air cushions in the vacuum chamber for an optimized evacuation process
  • Various options available for a perfect cut of protruding bag material
  • Several sealing bar heights to adjust to the product
  • Touchscreen for simple and clear operation
  • Various heights in the vacuum chamber for optimal adjustment to the product
  • Use of tried-and-tested electronics and pneumatics components
  • Optimized BUSCH vacuum pump combinations to choose from
  • Hygienic design – easy to clean
  • Control box heating

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