Project Description

Packaging cheese in the United States

Starting situation:

Our customer is a cheese producer in Wisconsin, which was founded in 1941. The goods are sold to retailers and in the in-house shop. In this traditional cheese factory, innovative new products are also made in addition to classic products. Customer products are of the highest quality. The company has received awards for this over many years.


The customer products are very diverse in size and shape, which requires great flexibility of the vacuum machine. The customer needs high throughput and maximum sealing quality. In addition, the customer prefers shrink packages to optimize the appearance and shelf life of the finished products. In addition, the machine must function reliably and stably in a difficult environment, i.e. with a high ambient temperature and brine.

Our solution:

Our customer has been using a GK812B chamber belt machine for many years. Through the further development of the Supervac portfolio, the customer became aware of a chamber belt machine of the type GK852B. It turned out that this machine is the best solution for the further growth of the company. The products are bagged manually and placed on the Supervac belt machines. After the evacuation process, the excess bags are automatically cut off and sucked off. The shrink bags containing the products are then shrunk using a shrink tank. Our customer is very satisfied with the final product and the results of our machines.