Project Description

Packaging chorizo in Texas, United States

Starting situation:

Our customer is a producer of chorizo sausage in Texas in the United States. Large quantities of the chorizo sausages are packaged in bags and sold to restaurants. In the past, the customer packaged the products in double chamber machines by another machine manufacturer. The customer was unhappy with the packaging output and cost-efficiency since personnel costs were enormous. To achieve the goal of increasing production capacity and at the same time reducing personnel, SUPERVAC packaging machines were purchased.


The customer bags are very large and heavy. High throughput rates and top-notch sealing quality are enormously important to the customer. Furthermore, the customer prefers shrink-wrapped packaging to optimize the appearance and shelf-life of the finished products. The packaging of the chorizo sausages should be dried after shrinkage in order to apply the label with the expiration date immediately after packaging. An additional time-saving effect is that the products can be packaged in cardboard boxes immediately without the cardboard being damaged due to moisture.

Our solution:

A vacuum belt machine of the GK501B type. The chorizo sausages are packaged in bags manually and are put on the Supervac belt machine. After the evacuation process, the protruding bag material is perforated. Then the shrink bags with the sausages are shrunk by the AT15 shrink tank and dried using the B15 dryer. The protruding bag material can be easily separated manually after drying.

Our customer is very pleased with the result.