Project Description

Packaging of High-Quality Fresh Meat in Belgium

Starting situation:

Our customer is running a second-generation family-owned business in Belgium that has specialized in high-quality beef, lamb and veal over the past 35 years. The meat is processed exactly according to the customer’s requirements and delivered by the company itself.

The senior boss still visits the most important livestock markets in Belgium every week. Relying on decades of experience, he selects the best animals for his operation. In addition, he has a closely-meshed network of suppliers in the Netherlands and the UK who supply the company with first-class lambs.


Our customer stands in meat products of premium quality, all the way up to the packaging. The customer was dissatisfied with his existing packaging line, which was not from Supervac. The sealing was not reliable, and products were returned by customers several times. In addition, at 45 seconds per cycle, the machine was too slow despite a large pump combination. Another disadvantage was the existing shrink tunnel, which yielded only poor, nonuniform results.

Our solution:

The customer replaced the legacy packaging line with a Supervac GK 863 B vacuum belt machine and an AT 15 E shrink tank. A fast-working pump combination reduced the cycle time to 22 seconds. The customer can now reliably package more than twice as many products in the same period of time. Furthermore, the Supervac shrink tank achieves a better shrinking result than before. The customer is very satisfied with his new packaging line. Owing to its reliable sealing, there were no more customer complaints.