Project Description

Packaging of Veal in Germany

Starting situation:

Our customer is one of the top producers of veal in Germany, with a commitment to the region and local breeding. The company is confronted by the same challenge that many SMEs are also facing: space is scarce in the company’s structures that have developed over many years.


The cutting lines work fast and efficiently. The downstream packaging machine has only a small buffer and must process the incoming products swiftly and reliably. The limited space does not allow for a dual packaging line. The downstream space must also be used economically.

Our solution:

A rugged, industrial-quality machine with quickly replaceable bars is fitted between the walls.  Due to the narrow space, the products are transferred after packaging at a 90-degree angle onto a conveyor belt that leads to the shrink unit.  The customer is quite happy with the machine. Large quantities are now processed reliably every day in his production system.