Project Description

Premium meat packaging in Argentina

Starting situation:

One of Argentina’s most successful beef exporters wants to build out its market position even further. Its customers are players in wholesale and retail from all over the world. This target group demands a lot from our customer. Nothing less than meat of absolute top quality and long shelf life is expected. The competitive pressure is high.


To be able to meet these high expectations as a meat producer, in addition to excellent beef breeding, adequate packaging machines are required that function 100% perfectly on up to 2 shifts per day and 6 days a week with maximum output and, in a confined space, pack products reliably, quickly as well as in a visually appealing way.

Our solution:

The company has relied on Supervac for many years and owns several Supervac packaging machines. For the recent expansion of its production capacity, it has again turned to a GK 852 B conveyorized machine. With this machine, very large quantities can be packaged in a short time, even if the space available is very limited. Thanks to the outstanding sealing, the products arrive safely at the customer’s premises even after transport over great distances.