Project Description

Sausage packaging in Michigan in the United States

Starting situation:

Our customer is a producer of high-quality sausages in the state of Michigan. The customer sets high standards for quality: “We sincerely commit to maintaining our own high standards of quality…and our standards are at the highest level.” The company is now managed in the fourth generation. The goods are offered in the retail trade and sold directly in the online store. The customer was packaging the products in a competitor’s rotary, which took up a great deal of space and was also very expensive to maintain. The expansion of the production area was to be used to bring some of the machines to the state of the art.


The customer products vary greatly in terms of size and shape. In total, the customer packages 55 different products. Everything is to be done with one machine, which demands great flexibility of the vacuum machine. Our customer needs a high throughput and top-notch sealing quality. Furthermore, the customer prefers shrink-wrapped packaging to optimize the appearance and shelf-life of the finished products. The products are also to be dried after shrinking so as to be able to apply the sell-by date immediately after packaging and then immediately package the products into cardboard boxes.

Our solution:

A conveyorized chamber machine of the GK852B type. The products are packaged in bags semi-automatically using the BG450 and are placed on the Supervac conveyorized machines. The machine can be used in a very versatile manner, and there are no set-up times from one product to another. To prevent the products from rolling on the machine belt, the belt was equipped with cross ribs. After the evacuation process, the protruding bag material is cut off precisely and extracted. Then the shrink bags with the products are shrunk by the AT15 shrink tank and dried using the B15 dryer.