Project Description

Shrinking, cooling and drying solution for high-quality lamb in Spain

Starting situation:

More than 50 years ago, the company history of our customer began with a market stall in the Spanish region of Castilla y León. Today, the company is one of the most innovative processors of lamb in Europe. Our customer processes about 85,000 kg daily and exports its top products to more than 30 countries.


The existing shrink and drying solution had to be replaced.  With every investment, our customer looks for innovation in order to set himself even more apart from his competitors in terms of quality.

Our solution:

Downstream of a Supervac packaging machine, the project consists of an AS660 shrink tunnel, the new AC660 cooling tunnel and a BL15 dryer. Immediately after shrinking, the product is cooled in the cooling tunnel. Advantages are a better color of the meat and a longer shelf life; and even after longer storage, more meat juice remains in the meat. After the cooling tunnel, drying takes place as usual. Our customer has achieved his goal of combining every investment with an innovation.