For hygienic and logistical reasons, slicing logs of sausage, ham and cheese are often packaged before they are sliced. The product program of Supervac offers many tailor-made solutions depending on the size and quantity of the products to be packaged.

Smaller quantities of slicing logs can be ideally packaged on a GK 195 B with feed belt. Especially long logs of up to 1,600 mm can be packaged on the GK 1600 B. Larger quantities of slicing logs can be quickly and cleanly vacuum packaged on the newly developed GK 870 / 880 B series. On these machines, several slicing logs can be processed in tandem in one cycle because a space of 1,070 mm is available between the sealing bars. If one sealing bar is removed, even more space can be used. Contact our sales consultant.

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