Project Description

Packaging of cheese blocks in North America

Starting situation:

Our customer is a top supplier of cheese products in North America. Among other things, 40-pound (about 20 kg) cheese blocks are packaged. The existing packaging machine from a competitor had to be replaced because the company did not want to bear the costs of operation, spare parts and service any longer. In addition, the aim was to improve hygiene and have a more reliable packaging machine.


Space is very limited. The packaging capacity is very high; operation runs 24/7. Due to their weight, the blocks should have to be moved as little as possible by people. Maximum shelf-life for the products is to be guaranteed. And finally, the products should look great.

Our solution:

We recommended a GK 862 B to our customer; it can be integrated directly in the conveyor system upstream and downstream of the packaging machine. Signal exchange and thus communication work perfectly, and a fully automated operation is possible. The customer is very happy with the solution.