Project Description

Pork packaging Austria

Starting situation:

Our customer is a state-of-the-art pork cutting plant in the heart of Austria. Alongside the cutting and selling of fresh meat products, premium sausages and cold cuts are made. All products in the fresh meat area are packaged in shrink bags.


Owing to the growth in recent years, the fresh meat packaging station needs to be upgraded and expanded. Since many very different products are packed over the course of a day, flexibility is vital. Most end customers are top-notch establishments in the catering industry, so special attention must be paid to freshness, color and appearance.

Our solution:

We recommended to our customer a packaging line consisting of a GK862 B vacuum packaging line, shrink tank, cooling tank and dryer. The customer particularly appreciates the flexibility of the packaging line and the perfectly packaged products, with no complaints whatsoever. In addition, product shelf-life is maximized with the cooling tank.