Packaging machines for slicing logs, e.g. sausages, ham or cheese, up to 1600 mm in length, are a new application. With these machines, customers can package logs for buffer storage easily and hygienically. Can be optionally used as a version for 1 product per cycle (caliber maximum 150 mm with round products; or maximum 180 mm in width and 150 mm in height with square products) or 2 products per cycle (caliber maximum 100 mm with round products).

The loading is done manually or fully automated in conjunction with a flow pack machine. Compared with conventional chamber machines, the ergonomic design is a great advantage. During the loading of the machine, the sealing bar is automatically recessed in order to move the product easily from the feed belt to the chamber belt. Depending on the selected combination, the pumps required for operation can be integrated in the housing of the machine as well as that of the feed belt and outfeed belt.

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