Automation of Premium Ham in Spain

Starting situation:

The company produces large quantities of different top-quality hams that have made Spain known throughout the world as a paradise for ham connoisseurs. The hams are produced in a wide range of sizes and variants and are sold both in Spain and internationally. At the company’s own production site, the ham is processed by many employees and then vacuum packaged in several double chamber vacuum machines.


The customer’s products come in a wide range of formats, including very long ones. Among other things, the goal was to boost production and at the same time lower costs for labor and consumables. Another vital aspect for the customer is product appearance. When looking at the product, the focus should be less on the packaging – the ham itself should be in the limelight.

Our solution:

Supervac installed a type GK 882 B vacuum belt machine with complete cut-off and extra width between the sealing bars. Thanks to the corner transfer unit, loading is automatic, and the discharge transfer of the products is also done fully automatically. After the hams of various sizes have been vacuumed in the same production cycle, the products are then individualized and sent through our AS 400 shrink tunnel. A smart combination of shrinking and drying! This way, the actual packaging sleeve fits snugly, like a transparent skin, and the product takes center stage completely. The product color appeals directly to the customer, and maximum flexibility with complete automation is a take-away bonus for the producing company.