Project Description

Flexible and efficient packaging with Supervac at a German food company

Starting situation:

In leading-edge production, it is often necessary to make a decision on whether the work should proceed speedily or flexibly. Time-consuming format changes with retooling make set-up times a major time factor. A well-known German food company wanted both – full flexibility at high speed.


Our customer wants high cyclic outputs to package different product dimensions without format change on one line. The topic of sustainability is important to the customer as well: thick and thus expensive bottom films from a thermoforming machine are to be replaced by thin and less expensive bags from the tubular bag machine.

Our solution:

Hams, ribs and smoked meats come out of the smokehouse and are cut to size on site and placed on a tubular bag machine.

Both sealing bars of the vacuum chambers are used in tandem to achieve maximum utilization of the machines.

Now the bags that are open on one side are loaded into the vacuum chambers via two corner transfer units. After vacuuming, the products move to shrinking, drying and labelling.

This is how state-of-the-art packaging works!