Packaging of cheese logs in Germany

Starting situation:

The customer is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality cheese products in Germany. The operation is highly automated. Due to the high proportion for export, the products must have a very shelf life. Some products in the shape of 900 mm long logs are currently still packed on a double chamber machine. Since the volume of this product is to be boosted by 20% – in tandem with an increased degree of automation in this area – a new solution must be found.


To begin with, the 900 mm cheese logs must be packaged in a fully automated way. The line is to work at a high speed (by up to 20% speed increase as compared to the current packaging solution).

Secondly, there is a wide range of products requiring different vacuum pressures so as not to damage the product and not alter the kind of holes in the cheese.

Thirdly, the products must be perfectly packed since a large quantity is exported or is stored for further maturing. Hence long durability is the key, which means the film must be thick.

Our solution:

To reach a packaging speed that is as high as possible and at the same time reduce the number of employees involved in the packaging, the following solution was chosen: flow pack machine, product transfer unit, packaging machine GK 862 B with loading belt.

In order to find the correct setting for the machine, numerous tests were made prior to delivery to find the best adjustment.

To package the products perfectly, we use our outstanding sealing system that allows us safely to seal folds in the area of the sealing, which may occur due to the automatic product transfer.