Project Description

Packaging of meat specialties in France

Starting situation:

Our customer runs a smaller company adjacent to the French Alps. A wide range of premium-quality products are made, e.g. salami, ham and bacon products. Up to now, the customer has been using a large double chamber machine and a separate shrink tank. All products are packed in shrink bags so as to underscore the craftsmanship that goes into them.


Too many people are currently involved in the packing process. After the vacuum packaging, the products must be transferred manually to the shrink tank. There is no dryer, which makes the process of labeling difficult. As a result, cardboard packages become damp. In addition, the customer has little space in the packaging room.

Our solution:

The customer received from us a GK 169 B packaging machine, together with a shrink tank and a dryer. Only one employee is in charge of loading the packaging machine; only one person takes out the packed and dry products at the end, labels them and puts them into the cardboard packaging. The customer is well satisfied with the system from Supervac.