Vacuum belt machines are well suited for the elimination of air pockets in hams, which are further processed in corresponding molds. As 100% evacuating machines with a lid height of up to 300 mm, these machines must be somewhat modified to be able to perform this task in the long term. Initially, no sealing is required in most cases. An optimized evacuation cycle can be easily defined by the operator. So-called interval evacuation is suitable for this purpose. The number of intervals, the length of the interval steps and the total evacuation time can be set with pinpoint accuracy.  It is also important that the evacuation performance of these machines can be reduced under certain circumstances. For 100% evacuation machines, intensive daily cleaning is necessary. For this reason, there is an optional rapid removal of the conveyor belt for daily cleaning. Menu control can either be specially protected or, if desired, completely integrated into the control box.

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