Food makers frequently pose the question of which packaging technology is best to package their products. Several factors should be considered in answer to this question. Shelf life and look of the products are very important. However, the overall costs for the packaging process must also be taken in consideration.

Maximum durability

Scientific studies have shown that cutting-edge shrink packaging contributes to durability in an outstanding way due to its high oxygen barrier. Of course, a long shelf life absolutely requires that the machine packages the products at the deepest-possible vacuum and seals the packages perfectly. The ideal target value of the vacuum depends heavily on the product properties. Smoked goods are dryer than fresh meat, which makes the evacuation easier. Fresh cheeses with holes or whole chickens have a different structure than solid foods and must be handled differently in the evacuation process.

Attractive look

At the point of sale, end customers initially buy with their eyes. Before the product can be felt or tasted, an attractive appearance is important. State-of-the-art shrink packaging focusses the attention to the product, not to the packaging. The product, or the packaging, is given an artisanal look compared to alternative technologies. This look of shrink packaging highlights the premium quality of the packaged product. Moreover, the shrinking process reduces excess packaging film to a minimum, something that is particularly vital today, when end customers want to see as little packaging as possible in the store. Our latest material of the shrink bags is made from a very thin film that is nonetheless puncture-proof, has a high barrier function as well as a high level of leak tightness.  Thus safe and resource-saving packaging is possible.

Optimized total cost

The total costs have to be taken in consideration when selecting the optimal packaging technology. For ideal shrink packaging, conveyorized chamber machines in combination with a shrink tank and a dryer is especially appropriate. These specific machines have a very high output and they are easy to operate, flexible and cost-effective during operation. Cutting-edge shrink packaging can be used quite economically because the film thickness starts at around 45 µm. The thicker the film, the higher the price.

What Supervac can do to help

Supervac has been on the market for more than 55 years, creating solutions for premium-quality vacuum packaging. The Supervac portfolio today includes special vacuum packaging machines, shrinking, cooling and drying equipment, filling aids and solutions for fully automatic bag filling. “Supervac stands for esthetically pleasing packaging while ensuring maximum product life”, says CEO Alexander Aigner with respect to the requirements for the machines. Supervac makes it possible for its customers to be competitive and successful with state-of-the-art technologies and long-term service.

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