Shrink packaging is more in demand as a packaging solution in the modern food industry than ever, since the packaging film adapts exactly to the shape of the product to be protected. Shrink packaging meets this requirement. By applying heat, the packaging is stretched tightly around the product, thus providing ideal protection and minimizing the packaging volume.

Shrink packaging provides more than just protection. It is the epitome of efficiency and cost-effective economy. Its ability to adapt perfectly to the contours of a product saves unnecessary space in storage and transportation. The tight enclosure of the product provides additional protection against external influences such as moisture, dust and mechanical stress. This keeps the products in perfect condition and minimizes the risk of transport damage.  Furthermore, shrink packaging underlines the high value of premium products, since it visually puts the product and not the packaging on center stage.

We use top-quality machines and technologies to ensure that the shrink packaging is securely sealed, shrunk at the ideal temperature and dried neatly and cleanly. In doing so, we meet the highest aesthetic standards as well. Whether meat and sausage products, cheese or poultry, SUPERVAC’s shrink technology guarantees a long shelf life and ideal product appearance.

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